Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you Patrick Nevin.

Pat was one of the friendliest people in Leavenworth - which is saying a lot. He stayed through nearly all of the two hours we played in der Hinterhof bier garten, keeping things lively with some friendly heckling. Pat even stood-in as our photographer during the set, getting some great shots of us with our guest drummer, Jedidiah Wick. Unfortunately Pat had to miss the last couple in our set, but he came back later that night after work to drink beers with us and fellow musician Mason Reed, who took the stage immediately after our set.

Not only is Pat a guitar player who makes his own tie dye, he's also shares Rebeqa's wicked pun-centric sense of humor. We're looking forward to taking him up on his offer of a backyard BBQ and river-tubing float next time we're in Leavenworth.

Thanks for snapping our pics and whetting your whistle with us, Pat. See you next time we're in town!

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