Thursday, August 12, 2010

REVIEW: Welcome Kris: our lucky charm

Last night's show at the Comet Tavern was a milestone for 2 reasons:

1: Last night was Kris Couture's first show with us as bassist. Sure he produced our album in the studio...but did you know the man can also lay down the bass lines? Plus, last night was Kris' birthday and he chose to spend it rocking out with us. Whataguy!

2. Spoiler alert: this has to do with

...We woke up (sorta) this morning and found that Chris Kornelis from the Seattle Weekly stopped by our show last night. He was there to see Evil Jack (who we were opening for) but we also got a great mention (read entire post here):

"Seattle's Latitude x Longitude preceded Jack's set with a run through their own operatic chamber rock, with the occasional "oom pah pah" and hints of horror. Vocalist Rebeqa Rivers has a powerful, trained voice that's full of potential. Stand by for the band's full-length debut next year.

"The Crowd: Thin and friendly. (editor's note: why thank you, we've all been dieting.) It appeared that the bulk of the audience was in the room to support Chris, (sic...Kris) the new bassist for Latitude x Longitude, who was celebrating his birthday last night."

Thank you, Chris and The Weekly for lending us your ears and for the support!