Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rock out With Your Saurkraut: on tour in Leavenworth, WA

We've been on the road for a few days through Eastern WA for our mini-tour and it's time to check in. We were joined for two of the shows by Jedidiah Wick on drums and Pauline Wick on backup vocals, which has been pretty rad.

One of the highlights of the tour was Der Hinterhoff in Leavenworth, WA. (Yes, Leavenworth the Bavarian themed village in the mountains of Washington. Witness:)

We did a 2 hour set in the Der Hinterhoff beer garden:
...then, as promised when we booked the gig, we went tubing down the flooding, swollen Wenatchee River. Seriously, we've been looking forward to this all summer and was completely worth the wait.

Of course the river was so fast that we had to bail out of the float right before the whitewater rapids...which left us to hike through the blackberry bushes with our tubes. It wasn't so bad except for Jedidiah who'd left his shoes in the dropoff van. We'll spare you pictures of the damage....but we'll totally post about it on the blog because it was damn funny.

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