Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tour Scavenger Hunt Results...

Alright folks: here it is - the results from the tour's Photo Scavenger Hunt. Thank you to everyone who submitted items for our scavenger hunt list through our Facebook page:

"Beat Up Van(s)"

"A Long Night Out"
(Yes...our long night ended with a graveyard slurpee: 7 flavors, 1 awesome cup.)

(These ladies gave us free coffee and cookies when we were exhaustedly driving back to Seattle. They were way cooler than a dude in tights & a cape.)

"Eating Pancakes at the Hotcake Howse in PDX"

"Random Piece of Steampunk Found Along the Way"

"Eating Sushi From a Conveyor Belt"

"One Night Stand"

(This was one of the submissions we originally censored. But we got lucky, so...)

"Flat Tire"
(This was actually on a fan's bike. She had to hoof it the rest of the way to the show to see us, so she certainly deserves a shout out!)

...and just because.

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